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Sorrento and Capri in Italy came onto my radar after seeing beautiful pictures on Pinterest, which is usually what sparks me to travel.

Our 10th Wedding Anniversary was coming up and I thought this looked like a good place to celebrate it.

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Day One


We got dropped off at Lauro car park, as the area we were staying at is mainly pedestrianised. It was only a 10 minute walk.

Arrived into Naples and had booked transfers via coach to Sorrento as arranged through Thomson Airways.  The transfer took just over an hour as the coach travels through some congested towns. 

Checked into Magi House Apartment, wow… Beautiful.  The staff couldn’t do enough to help and spoke excellent English.

Sorrento Old Town, Italy

Once settled we walked around the town, the sun was blaring but the tiny lanes allowed for plenty of shade.

Front view of Magi House, sorrento, italy
Magi House, Sorrento Old Town

I bought a fresh Lemonade, which was fantastic but then again Sorrento is well known for it’s lemons. Then had a lemon cake Gelato (ice cream), handmade & very delicious. 

The town is swarming with little Gelato stores which offer plenty of flavours including some very different ones!  The shops were open until late in the evening and it felt very safe walking around.

Stopped at a little restaurant called Ristorante O’Murzill and had Lasagna, which was really tasty.
(Can’t go to Italy and not have a Lasagna)

Day Two

Decided against the traditional Italian breakfast, as i’m not a meat in the morning kind of girl. So went on the search for some English cereal and Lactofree milk. 

I was surprised Lactofree milk was available from both of the Supermarkets that we visited. Just look out for the words “Senza Lattosio”.

Sorrento’s beaches

Sorrento is built on a cliff top which drops straight down to the sea edge. There isn’t a typical beach, but there are plenty of private jetty’s in which you can hire out sunbeds. There is the option of walking from top to bottom, or using a lift for 1 euro each way.

The walk was a long and windy path down, we then used the lift to get back to the top.

There were plenty of Restaurants along the sea and private beaches/Jetty’s.

Peter beach sign in sorrento, italy

Davide’s Gelateria

We went to Davide’s which is well known for its Gelato.  I had a “Willy Waffle” with Bananas & Caramel…absolutely divine, definitely will be coming back here.

A willy waffle shown with banana and maple syrup

It was hot today so decided to have a stroll and came across the Deep Valley of the Mills, which is the ruins of an old mill.

downward view of an old mill building in sorrento, italy
Deep valley of the mills, Sorrento

Later went back to the apartment to rest.  The apartment is very cool and even though it has air conditioning we really didn’t need it.  

They have a Tea & Reading room at Magi House, which is very relaxing. Here you have use of free wi-fi and free self serve tea & biscuits 
(I love this room, reminds me of a spa).

the reading room in magi house, sorrento, italy

Evening in Sorrento Old Town

In the evening we walked down the lanes of the old town. The atmosphere is magical with rows and rows of Lemons & Lemon based products / designs.

Stopped at an old style family run restaurant called Ristorante Fuoro. We had a lovely Lobster with spinach linguine, very filling and for 20 euros it wasn’t a bad price.

Then bought a gelato from next door, which has been open since 1860. It is owned by the same family as the restaurant and they were very welcoming.

Front view of a traditional eatery called Ristorante Fuoro in Sorrento old town, italy

They offer samples of ice cream before you buy, you can have 2 different ice creams in a pot or cone.  I opted for the Ferraro Rocher with the Lemon cream.  Both very nice Gelato.

Day Three

Marina Grande

We started the day with a walk to the Marina Grande, which is a lovely walk down a gentle stepped path.  It was very hot again but luckily there was plenty of shade to walk in.

Arrived at the marina which seemed very traditional.  Had lots of private boats for tours and also small fishing style boats.  

We sat at Bar Nonna Amelia’s and had a iced lemon drink whilst watching the world go by.

Marina Grande in Sorrento, italy
Marina Grande, Sorrento

Sorrento Tram Bus Tour

Later in the day we went on a tram bus tour, it took about an hour & cost €7.50

inside the open sided tram tour

You can catch this at the Piazza Tasso next to the train tour.

It’s worth paying an extra €1.50 than the train tour as you get another 30 minutes and it visits further afield. You also get to stop for a 10 minute photo & rest point. Towards the end of the journey you get to sample the famous Limoncella.

In the evening we went to a restaurant across the way from Magi House called Naima. We had a Caprese Brushetta, very tasty!

Day Four

Our 10th Wedding Anniversary is today, so we decided to visit the Island of Capri.

Ferry from Sorrento to Capri

It’s cheaper to book a return ticket for the ferry. However, for a few euros more we decided to buy single fares so that we had more freedom in deciding when to return. 

Booked the speed ferry which took 20 minutes to get there.

ferry sorrento and capri italy
return ferry tickets from Sorrento to Capri


We decided to firstly visit Anacapri which is located on the other side of the island.  We purchased our tickets from the Ticket office but later discovered that you can pay when getting on the bus.

It’s a 15 minute bus journey. They only have tiny buses due to the roads being so narrow and windy, so most people are stood up.

Tiny bus used on Capri island, italy

Anacapri is a lovely place, with its pedestrianised streets, umbrella pine trees and local shops. 

Mount Solaro

We firstly visited Mount Solaro which is accessible by chairlift. Got to admit I got a little nervous, but there was nothing to worry about once on it. The ride was nice and peaceful with fantastic views.

At the top is some breathtaking views of the island. 

view from top of cable cars on Mount Solaro, capri, italy
magical view from mount solaro on capri island, italy
view from mount solaro on capri island with a roman style statue in the frame

Capri Centre

Next took the bus to Capri centre, this was a lot busier.  Had some lovely sights as well as lots of designer shops.  You really could tell this area was where the rich and famous stayed. 

Went on a walk as we thought it’d be nice to see the Arc de Naturalle. Although after a climb for about 30 minutes and seeing that we were miles away and had no water!! …. thought it might be wise to rethink this idea, so gave up and headed back to Capri centre.

We didn’t hang around Capri centre for too long as it was just too busy. So decided to get out of the crowd and caught the bus back to the Marine Grande.  

The beaches are much better on this island than in Sorrento, but Sorrento has a certain charm that appeals so much to me.  On that note we got the ferry back to Sorrento as it was 4pm by now.

Day Five

Another hot day so spent the day sauntering around Sorrento. I still get confused where everything is in the lanes. 

Think i’m now addicted to the Lemon Ice drink that’s for sale at every turn. It’s made with fresh Lemons and is so refreshing on these hot days.

homemade lemonade

We had a lovely lunch at Davide’s, Palma Ham, Mozzarella & Melon.  It was very nice. Later went for Pasta at Sedil Dominova which was surprisingly fast service with a singing waiter!  The pasta was delicious.

Watched the sunset later over the Marina and walked by to Davide’s for an ice cream. They have at least 50 flavours to choose from, all homemade.  I went for chocolate mousse & smarties whilst Pete chose Lemon meringue mousse & Toffee caramel…. Delicious!

Day Six

Another hot day, how lucky have we been with the weather! Changed apartments today from Vesuvio to Meditterea.

The new apartment has a glass floor in the bedroom. So you can see down to the lower floor, which is one of its biggest features.

bedroom with a glass floor in magi house, sorrento, italy

It’s located on the ground floor and has a clean modern feel to it, but personal taste makes me favour the Vesuvio apartment. The new apartment is generally warmer in temperature and a bit noisier, as you hear noises from Fruiteria the street food seller.

Had an English Breakfast opposite at Naima, which looked interesting, was actually very tasty.

a cooked breakfast

Later we went down to Marina Grande again, it’s lovely down there.  Sat beside the sea at Bar Nonnas and I had yet another Lemon Ice, I love this stuff!

In the evening we ate at a Restaurant called Ristorante Pizzeria “Le Grazie”. I had fresh pasta with tomatoes, aubergines, Mozzarella & Basil.  It was lovely food, but we had to ask for the bill 3 times before we actually got to leave.

Took a walk through the streets and went back to the apartment wih a crepe filled with nutella and strawberries from Frullati which is located just outside the Apartments, it was delicious.

creperie and fruit juice stand in sorrento old town, italy

Day Seven

Positano, Italy

Took a bus tour to Positano today, pickup was at 8:30am at Lauro Carpark. The bus drive to Positano was along the Amalfi coast road, which was beautiful.  

We had about 3 hours in Positano, which was plenty of time. It’s a sweet small town on a hillside with a windy road. There’s a windy footpath off the road which leads to the beach lined with shops either side.

most photographed building and stairs in positano

I was surprised to see Frozen Findus Chocolate Waffles & Chocolate filled Crepes in the Supermarket here why don’t they sell these in England!

Was back at the bus by 12:30pm for our return to Sorrento.

Last Evening

Our last evening we decided to have a special meal so went on Tripadvisor and noticed a restaurant at Marina Grande that looked nice.

Ristorante Bagni Sant’Anna is located on its own pier on the sea at Marine Grande.

The view was magical overlooking the sea, there were only a handful of items on the menu and seemed a little more pricey but we expected to pay more with the location and the great reviews.

My face when it arrived must have been a picture, how was this possibly going to fill me there’s not much on the plate! …a bit of fish and greens with a bowl of salad leafs!  Where’s the pasta??
It actually tasted fantastic but for €22 each!!  I realised it was one of those ponsy food places, personally i’m much more of a Toby Carvery type of girl. 

Went for a walk back into town and decided to go to Davide’s for a last night “Willy waffle” with Bananas & Caramel.

Time to say goodnight now as we have an early flight, Good bye Sorrento, I will miss you, but shall definitely be back x

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