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This past year i’ve really got into Korean dramas, there are plenty to choose from on Netflix. I’ve watched over 20 0f them so far, some of the storylines are brilliant. They are very different from British or American shows.

Korean dramas are typically only 1 series of episodes and all the ones on Netflix have subtitles.

I’ve decided to summarise each one that I watch mainly for my memories, but others may enjoy too. The highlighted texts along with the start time are my favourite parts.

W- Two Worlds

Also known as Two Worlds Apart

*WARNING May contain spoilers

16 Episodes, approx 1 hour each episode.

Lee Jong Suk plays the male lead named Kang Chul. He is the main character of a popular comic series called W.

Han Hyo-Joo plays the female lead character named Oh Yeon-Joo. She is the daughter of the author and illustrator of the comic series W.

Episode 1

Kang Chul competes in a pistol event at the Olympic games, this then cuts to a scene of his family at home watching tv. A man enters their home with a pistol and shoots them dead. The media show Kang Chul being charged for their murder and sent to jail. He is later given a verdict of not guilty and is released back into the world but with a stain to his name.

We now meet Oh Yeon-Joo, she is a doctor working in a hospital. She receives a call to say that her father has gone missing. Whilst searching her fathers office for clues of his whereabouts, she sees his ipad with his latest illustration for the comic. This shows Kang Chul lying on the floor unconscious in a pool of blood.

As she continues to look for more clues a hand comes out from the ipad and pulls her into the Comic world.

Yeon-joo wakes up on a rooftop and sees real life Kang Chul laying in a pool of blood. Her doctor mode kicks in and she manages to save his life.

36:10 The moment Yeon-joo saves Kang Chul’s life and their eyes meet. Kang Chul later wakes up in hospital and says he needs to find the woman who saved him, he believes she is the key to his life.

She returns to the real world back to her fathers office and sees that the illustration on the ipad shows her saving Kang Chul’s life.

Episode 2

Mr Oh (Yeon-joo’s father) returns but is unwilling to talk to his daughter about the events. Yeon-joo later finds out that her father is trying to kill the character of Kang Chul off. His assistant tells her he’s written about a nurse in the hospital poisoning Kang Chul. Yeon-joo call’s her father and begs him not to kill Kang Chul off. As she is speaking the line cuts off and she again finds herself inside the comic world.

22:20 Yeon-joo saves Kang Chul’s from the lethal injection. Kang Chul later questions her on how she knew to save him. Yeon-joo promises to tell him another time but explains she needs to leave the hospital immediately. He has his assistant give her a mobile phone so he can contact her.

Yeon-joo leaves the hospital and waits to return to the real world but nothing is happening. She remembers that last time the words “To be continued” appeared which means the chapter must need to end. Time suddenly starts passing very fast as days turn into nights. Suddenly time goes to normal and her mobile phone rings, its Kang Chul.

37:57 Kang Chul picks up Yeon-joo in his car where she then realises 2 months have passed.

Kang Chul comments that Yeon-joo must feel hot as she is wearing the same jumper he seen her 2 months ago in, and it’s now summer. He takes her shopping for clothes to compensate her for saving his life. She is still aware that the chapter needs to end for her to return to reality.

44:00 Yeon-joo suddenly slaps Kang Chul……. Nothing. She then kisses him, “To be continued” appears and she returns to the real world.

Episode 3

Yeon-joo later appears back in the comic book world. She is passed out in the changing room of the clothing store she was last at with Kang Chul. He finds out and goes to collect her, he then takes her to his penthouse hotel room. She mumbles in her sleep, he asks questions and she answers honestly.

An assassin later appears and tries to kill Kang Chul but he manages to fight him away. Yeon-joo later wakes up and is told to go to the bathroom to wash and dress. Kang Chul finds out she’s awake so goes to the bathroom to question her.

39:30 Yeon-joo tries to end the chapter by flashing her body at Kang Chul, it doesn’t work. He then forces her to answer his questions.

Yeon-joo tells him she needs his emotions to change so that she can disappear.

52:25 Kang Chul makes it clear to Yeon-joo that he will not change his emotions so that she will be stuck there until she answers all his questions. She says “I love you”, he doesn’t react and leaves the room.

Episode 4

Kang Chul’s secretary calls the police regarding Yeon-joo as she doesn’t carry any ID to explain who she is. They arrest her and put her in jail. Kang Chul finds out and fires his secretary. He then goes to visit Yeon-joo in jail and forces her to finally answer his questions. She tells him he lives in a comic world. “To be continued” appears and she returns to the real world.

The police question Kang Chul as to where Yeon-joo disappeared too. As he realises that his world is fiction the world freezes, everything except him. A portal opens up and he walks through into the real world.

Episode 5

Kang Chul walks around the real world aimlessly. He walks into a book store and sees the W comics showing his whole life. He sits and reads them all through shock and emotion.

48:00 Kang Chul shows up at the hospital to find Yeon-joo

Kang Chul later finds the author’s (Mr Oh’s) address. There is nobody home so he breaks in to find pictures of the author with his daughter Yeon-joo! Mr Oh arrives home and they meet. There is a huge argument between them ending with Kang Chul shooting Mr Oh.

Episode 6

Mr Oh is alive and is taken to hospital. Yeon-joo checks the online comic book and it shows the story of Kang Chul shooting Mr Oh.

Kang Chul sends Yeon-joo a letter explaining that he shot Mr Oh to try to end the Comic. Kang Chul then jumps off a bridge, Yeon-joo sees this appear on the comic. She rushes to the bridge but there is no sign of him.

Time passes.

Yeon-joo is out to dinner with work. She visits the rest room and she suddenly finds herself sinking in water and looking at Kang Chul floating away. She tries to reach him but is unable to.

They both suddenly find themselves back in the comic world with Kang Chul in his hotel room and Yeon-joo back in jail.

Episode 7

21:00 Kang Chul visits Yeon-joo in jail and lets her know he’s not happy that she saved him, he gets angry with her. She tells him that she loves him though. “To be continued” appears and she disappears.

A minute later she appears again and they kiss.

Kang Chul has his lawyer draw up a fake marriage between himself and Yeon-joo. He then manages to get her released from jail.

45:00 Kang Chul tries to win over Yeon-joo by following a book on how to be romantic.

Later the assassin calls Kang Chul and threatens to kill him and Yeon-joo.

Episode 8

Kang Chul keeps Yeon-joo in his hotel suite hoping to keep her safe. She ends up cutting her finger which sends Kang Chul into panic. “To be continued” appears and she returns to the real world.

The assassin finds the portal and enters the real world to search for Yeon-joo.

35:36 The assassin finds Yeon-joo and shoots. Just before the bullet hits her she returns to the comic world. She finds herself in Kang Chul’s car with Kang Chul beside her.

Kang Chul and Yeon-joo try to figure a way out. He asks that when Yeon-joo returns to the real world that she draw that the past 2 months were just a dream, in order to keep Yeon-joo safe from the assassin. But it would mean Kang Chul will no longer remember her, it would just be a dream to him.

Episode 9

Yeon-joo keeps seeing Kang Chul appear and dissappear at certain times of the day. Kang Chul no longer remembers her and she is heartbroken.

After many days Yeon-joo gets pulled back into the Comic world.

In the real world Mr Oh’s assistant finds the author slumped over his desk. When he lifts his head his face is missing. The assassin stole his face.

Episode 10

17:00 Yeon-joo and Kang Chul happen to meet on the rooftop of the hospital. Kang Chul asks her why she keeps looking at him the way that she does.

Yeon-joo finds herself stuck in the comic world with no money, no where to live and nobody that knows her. Now starving she decides to go to one of the characters apartments. She lets her self in with the keycode she knows from the comic book.

29:30 Kang Chul arrives at the apartment to find her there, he questions her. She is starving and begs for food. He feeds her whilst he questions her. She breaks her heart (sad scene).

Later Kang Chul gets shot and Yeon-joo is there to save him.

Episode 11

Kang Chul is in hiding whilst Yeon-joo returns to the real world to illustrate some medical supplies to help him.

45:12 Yeon-joo returns to the comic world 1 month later. She meets up with Kang Chul whilst he’s still in hiding. He starts to do things from the romance book. She finds out that he had found the comic book, read it and he remembers her once again.

Episode 12

A portal opens to the real world, Kang Chul grabs Yeon-joo’s hand and pulls her through. Kang Chul tries to figure a way to end the comic once and for all.

27:00 Kang Chul goes to visit Yeon-joo at her mother’s home. He takes her on a date to discuss his idea.

Kang Chul finds the assassin in hiding and has him arrested. He then asks Yeon-joo to draw his dead body to fake his own death.

Episode 13

Kang Chul tries to fit in the real world.

20:30 Yeon-joo’s boss meets Kang Chul and can’t believe how much he looks like the character from the comic W.

Kang Chul pulls up outside a hotel in the real world and suddenly sees his friend from the comic world. It turns out that if a character from the comic world is thinking about someone from the real world, they will see them if they are in the same destination in both worlds.

The assassin escapes prison and goes to Yeon-joo’s house and pretends to be Mr Oh. He then kidnaps Yeon-joo and takes her back to the comic world. Kang Chul hunts them down and shoots the assassin dead.

Episode 14

Mr Oh’s face returns to normal. Yeon-joo is fighting for her life in hospital in the real world after having been shot by the assassin.

11:00 Kang Chul visits Yeon-joo in hospital and is told that she may die, Kang Chul’s arm starts to fade. Kang Chul decides to take her back to the comic world for her to have a chance at surviving. Whilst in the comic world she dies.

Mr Oh finds out his daughter has died and becomes very depressed. He tries to jump off a building but Kang Chul manages to stop him. He tells him he can draw Yeon-joo back to life.

Chapter 15

Mr Oh draws his daughter back to life and suddenly finds his self in the comic world. The words “Final Chapter” appears.

Kang Chul finds himself in handcuffs being escorted to jail, when a key appears followed by a gun.

Kang Chul escapes and meets Yeon-joo. They both go to visit Mr Oh who has by now lost his mind and is having murderous thoughts. He has tied his self up as he doesn’t trust himself.

Chapter 16

Kang Chul’s friend gets kidnapped, he goes after him but ends up getting shot whilst escaping.

21:30 (Sad scene) Kang Chul escapes in a car but ends up running out of fuel, he calls Yeon-joo to pick him up. She reaches him just as he dies.

“The End” appears and she is taken back to the real world, he is no longer there.

Yeon-joo finds it hard to carry on with life. She keeps returning to the bus stop where she last saw Kang Chul. She searches for her father but he is nowhere to be seen.

The comic ended but in their world Kang Chul gets picked up by his friend and taken to hospital.

51:00 Kang Chul returns to the real world and finds Yeon-joo at the bus stop.


Please note I haven’t mentioned all the characters in this show and my recap is mainly only based around the story of the two main characters.

My favourite song from the show;

Park Boram (박보람)- Please Say Something, Even Though It is a Lie (거짓말이라도 해줘요) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Ka3y5SD6v4

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