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Also known as Inheritors

*WARNING May contain spoilers

20 Episodes, approx 1 hour each episode.

Lee Min-ho plays the male lead named Kim Tan. He is the son of a rich business man.

Park Shin-hye plays the female lead character named Cha Eun-sang. She lives with her mother, they both work all hours to pay the bills.

Episode 1

Eun-sang is a hardworking girl who helps her mum out, as her mum cannot talk. They are poor and Eun-sang desperately wants to provide more.

Her older sister moved to the U.S a few years ago and attends university. Their mum sends her sister any spare cash she has from working hard as a maid to a rich family. She’s getting married to her boyfriend in the U.S, but doesn’t want them to attend.

Eun-sang decides she will attend the wedding and take the cash personally, as her sister never seems to answer her calls.

On arrival Eun-sang finds out her sister has lied about everything and has used their mums money to by alcohol for her boyfriend.

Her sister steals the money off her and runs away leaving Eun-sang crying. Tan witnesses this and can’t help but go and help Eun-sang.

Episode 2

Tan offers Eun-Sang a room to stay at his house, she has no choice but to accept. He lives in a beautiful large house all by his self. She asks him if he’s a drug dealer or something, he finds this amusing and plays along asking if she has healthy kidneys.

Tan can’t help but admire her from afar and watch how she reacts to things.

The next day Tan goes to University, Eun-sang said she has often wondered what a university campus must be like, so he takes her. After his lessons they spend the day together as he shows her around.

When they return home a girl called Rachel is there, who announces herself as Tan’s fiancee. She is unkind to Eun-sang. Tan gets angry with Rachel as she is only his fiancee as part of a family business deal, they are not in love.

Episode 3

Eun-sang tells Tan she will find somewhere to stay but he doesn’t let her go. She uses Tan’s phone to login to her social media account to message a friend for help.

Tan is asked to attend a party that his older brother Won will be at. He looks up to Won, but unfortuneatly Won just sees him as a threat and mostly ignores him.

Eun-sang goes along with him on the trip. At the party Tan’s brother pulls him to one side and asks him why is there and tells him to leave. Eun-sang sees how upset Tan is about it.

On the ride back home they get into an accident, they have to abandon the car and walk to a motel as he has no phone signal.

They have to share a room so Eun-sang claims the sofa to sleep on. Tan then questions her on the things she has posted online. Eun-sang is annoyed and asks that he logs out of her account.

The next day they arrive home and Eun-sang’s friend Chan Young is waiting, he managed to trace where she is staying. Tan gets rather jealous.

She thanks Tan for letting her stay and says she will be going now, he replies that there is no reason for her to leave.

Chan Young steps in and tells her she is leaving and takes her back to his place.

Episode 4

Eun-sang arrives home to find an empty house, her mum had to move out as she couldn’t afford to live there. She is now a live in maid for a rich family and sleeps in a small stock room. Eun-sang moves in with her.

Tan can’t stop thinking about Eun-sang and is constantly on her social media page checking for updates on what she is upto. He is lonely so decides to return to Korea.

Once home Tan checks Eun-sangs social media and notices she has posted saying that it feels like she was never in the U.S, maybe it was just a dream. Tan comments “You were there. I can prove it”.

Eun Sang “Hey. You’d better log out right now”.

Tan “No I won’t. Did you think I would listen to what other people say? I’m a drug dealer. Where are you now? Are your kidneys still healthy?”

“Of course they are. Come and take them if you can.”

“Tell me honestly, you wish I appeared in front of you right?”

Tan sees a girl walking into the back door of his house, he asks his mum who she is and she explains she is the daughter of the maid. Her name is Eun-sang.

Tan checks the social media again, no reply. He comments “What are you doing right now? Answer me this instant.”

“I’m drinking water”.

Tan marches to the kitchen and peeks inside to see her stood there.

Episode 5

Tan decides not to tell Eun-sang for now and instead watches her from afar.

As Eun-sang leaves school she notices all her school friends gathered at the gate. Tan is there to meet her. Eun-sang is shocked to see him.

Tan “Can you push that girl who has healthy kidneys over here”. They briefly talk, she then walks away he tells her she better come back right now but she ignores him and goes to do her work shift at the coffee shop.

She receives a call from her friend asking what the photo on her social media account is about.

Eun-sang is annoyed and notices he is at the coffee shop, she marches over and tells him to log out of her account. He finds it amusing and grabs her phone and calls himself so he now has her number.

Tan’s father has spies on both of his sons, he is bought photos of Tan in the U.S which shows him with a girl. His father recognises her as being the maid’s daughter. He decides to take control and offers to send Eun-sang to a prestigious school along with Tan, in the hope she will learn her place in society and not go any further with Tan.

Later whilst Eun-sang is in the garden of the house she is staying. Tan calls her and tells her to turn around.

Eun-sang “What are you doing here?”

Tan “Think about it.”

“Are you the second son of this family?”


“Did you know that I lived here when we ran into each other earlier”


“Did you know I sleep in the maids room?”


Eun-sang walks away upset.

The following day Eun-sang attends the school and meets Yeong-do, he used to be Tan’s best friend but are now enemies. He is the school bully, he takes an interest in Eun-sang. Her friend Chan-Young also attends the high school along with Tan’s fiancee.

Chan-Young explains the strict hierarchy within the school to her. Eun-sang decides she won’t share her private life to anyone, that way she cannot be ranked.

Yeong-do notices Tan seems to know Eun-sang, which interests him more. He trips her up as she walks past then asks if she’s scared of him. He then tells her as of today she is his, and she’ll do whatever he says. Tan appears and tells her to leave.

Episode 7

Yeong-do continues to chase after Eun-sang but Tan is always close by to keep an eye on her and save her from trouble.

Yeong-do manipulates Eun-sang into having lunch with him at his hotel suite by agreeing not to bully one of the boys that is petrified of him.

Episode 8

Tan finds out where she has been and goes ballistic. He finds her at the coffee shop and drags her outside to ask what she was thinking. He confesses that he likes her.

Tan tells her he will interfere with everything she does at school and invade her privacy from now on.

Tan’s parents call him, he ignores their call. They call Eun-sang, Tan tells her not to answer but she says she has no choice. Tan takes her phone and tells them she will call back as Eun-sang and himself are having an important conversation.

Eun-sang gets angry at him and cries that she needs all this for her livelihood. He hugs her and begs her to like him.

Tan returns home to questioning from his parents, he brushes them off.

Eun-sang returns and is questioned why Tan answered her phone, she apologises and asks that they please ask Tan as its his business.

Tan sees Eun-sang coming out of his mums room and asks her what happened, she tells him not to talk to her in the house as she is stressed enough.

[41:20] Later Tan waits for Eun-sang to come out of her room, just as she appears they hear Tan’s mum coming. Tan quickly drags Eun-sang into another room and presses his self against her to keep her hidden.

Tan’s mum leaves and he goes to kiss her but then pulls back, she kicks him and storms off.

The following day Yeong-do grabs Eun-sang and forces her to sit with him at lunch. She’s scared as she is sat at the table where he bullies his victims. Tan arrives and sees her sat there shaking.

He yells at her to get up, Yeong-do squares up to him and Tan drags her away but Yeong-do trips her up.

Eun-sang and Tan go to the rooftop, he checks she is ok. She receives a call from Yeong-do. Tan tells her to ignore him but she tells him he knows she is poor and is only keeping her secret if she obeys him.

Tan tells her that doesn’t matter and just ignore it. She goes to answer it and he stops her by kissing her.

Episode 9

Eun-sang walks off in shock and leaves her phone. Yeong-do sees Eun-sang on the stairs and goes to grab her and assert his authority over her. Still in a daze she shrugs him off and walks away.

Tan finds Yeong-do and kicks him one, they have a full on fight. The school head tells them their parents will be called in about this.

Yeong-do later threatens Tan saying he will expose his secret if he doesn’t behave. The secret that he’s the son of a mistress. Tan tells him to go ahead as he’s ready for his life to become a mess.

The next day Eun-sang doesn’t show up for school. Tan is worried and tries to call but she doesn’t answer. Eventually finding her at the cinema, he hangs back and just watches her.

Tan follows Eun-sang out and goes to talk with her. She tells him she likes him too, but it’s no use. She can’t be with him as his family won’t approve and are just too complicated. Tan walks away upset.

Later Eun-sang is at the coffee shop when 2 men cause trouble. Yeong-do shows up and kicks them out and says he’s the only one that is allowed to mess with her. She asks him why he is bullying her and he confesses that he likes her.

Yeong-do shows up at Tan’s house to cause trouble and is shocked to see Eun-sang arriving there.

Episode 10

Tan pretends that they had a date lined. Yeong-do wants to know what Tan and Eun-sang’s relationship is. Tan smirks and says he is dating her.

Tan goes to find Eun-sang and he takes her to the cellar to talk. He explains that he told Yeong-do that they are dating.

“But that’s a lie”

“Who said it’s a lie. I’m going to go out with you. Lets start from today”.

“Fine let’s go out. Break your engagement with Rachel and kicked out, then let’s see if you still like me. In the end we’ll break up and i’ll be left heartbroken”.

“Are you certain that we will break up eventually?”

“If your family finds out about us, me and my mum will be left on the streets. So stop living in this ridiculous fantasy of yours, Mr Kim”.

“Are you mocking my feelings for you? Can’t you see how sincere I am”.

“Do you think you and I are a good match for each other?”

“I get it. I guess you’re right. We aren’t a good match cos you don’t deserve me. Do you know why? It’s not because you hurt my pride, it’s because I mustered up my courage for you but you have not done anything for me. Fine. If that’s your wish i’ll stop caring for you. I thought this was a happy dream but it turns out to be a nightmare”.

Tan leaves, Eun-sang his hurt and upset.

Tan tells his father he wants to break his engagement with Rachel. His father gets angry and says he musn’t as it helps guarantee his future expecially as he is a mistresses son. Tan leaves saying he doesn’t need that sort of guarantee.

[38:00] Eun-sang asks Tan if they can talk, he says no and goes upstairs. He then waits to see if she dare take the risk and follow him. She does.

He tells her if she wants to talk she must come in to his room. As they are talking Tan’s mum knocks on his door. He pokes his head out and says he’s just getting ready to shower.

Eun-sang asks Tan to go to the school camping trip as his mum has spent a lot of money on it, he refuses to go saying he’ll end up fighting again.

Eun-sang goes to leave, Tan holds onto her to stay a little longer.

Tan assures her he’s trying to find a way for them to be together.

Eun-song goes on the school camping trip, Yeon-do follows her around teasing her and questioning her. He asks her again what her relationship with Tan is. She refuses to answer him.

Rachel argues with Eun-song and Yeon-do steps in to say Eun-sang is only his. He grabs her and hugs her suddenly as he notices Tan is watching.

Episode 11

Eun-sang pushes Yeon-do away and asks him what that was for, he replied he’s doing it for Tan.

Tan takes Eun-sang to a secluded camp area where they spend the night talking and sleeping under the stars. Eun-sang confesses that she missed Tan and is happy he’s here.

The next day they the class attend a team day at a hotel. During breakfast Eun-sang walks off to the pool area, Yeong-do follows and stops her. He then grabs her and drops her into the pool. Tan is watching.

Tan goes over and pushes Yeong-do in and rescues Eun-sang. Yeong-do tells Eun-sang that this is how she will feel if she continues to date Tan, she will be dropped.

[43:20] Eun-sang is asked by Tan’s mum to take something upstairs, she peeks into Tan’s room on her way, he sees her and grabs her inside and shuts the door.

He threatens to kiss her if she talks back, his Mum walks in.

Tan’s mum asks what is going on, Tan pushes Eun-sang out of the room for her to leave him alone with his mum. He then tells his mum that he will decide his life and he likes Eun-sang, he wants her to support him.

His mum storms off and goes to see Eun-sang’s mum and tells her what Eun-sang has been doing. She tells them they need to leave, Tan stops her and apologises on her behalf and drags his mum out of their room.

Eun-sang apologises to her mum for liking Tan, her mum comforts her and tells her to stick it out until the end of the month and then they will leave.

The next morning Yeon-do runs into Eun-sang on the way to school, Tan sees her with him.

Yeong-do sees Tan so puts his arm around her to wind Tan up. Tan goes to grab her but Yeong-do stops him. Eun-sang then apologises and says she can’t do this anymore.

Episode 12

Eun-sang tells Tan she has to let him go and walks away. Yeong-do catches up with her and she cannot stop crying.

[43:30] Several days later Tan waits for Eun-sang outside the coffee shop. She arrives and he asks her how she is doing and if she’s happier for letting him go. She tries to speak but he kisses her.

Tan tells her off for leaving him and asks if she missed him. She says no, he kisses her and tells her to try lying again. He warns her that his mum may call her but she is not to go to his house.

Tan’s father arranges for Rachel and her family to come to their house as he’s adament that the engagement continue. Tan decides to reveal that he is the son of a mistress and introduces his birth mother to them. He then says he wants to break the engagement.

Rachel and her family leave. Tan’s father then angrily slaps Tan across the face and walks out.

Episode 13

Tan goes to see Eun-sang outside the coffee shop and reminds her that in the U.S she said if he was in danger she would grab his hand and run. Would you do the same in Korea? She shakes her head through tears. He looks hurt, she hugs him.

Tan takes Eun-sang to his friends workshop and tells her they’ll be stopping there tonight and he won’t listen to her refusal anymore as she has already hugged him. Eun-sang feels uneasy about them being alone so she starts to study until Tan falls asleep.

At school the next day, Tan asks Eun-sang to muster up her courage and to hold his hand. She does and apologises for keeping him waiting.

Tan later returns home, his father tells him he has lost his right to live under his roof. He tells him to leave his wallet, phone and coat and leave the house now.

Tan puts everything down and says he won’t let his father’s guarantee rule his life any longer. His mum tries to stop him.

Tan’s mother goes to see Eun-sang as she’s leaving the coffee shop to see if she has seen Tan. Tan arrives and his mother lightly hits his arm for leaving and begs him to come home and apologise to his father. Tan refuses.

Tan’s mother asks Eun-sang to help, Eun-sang says she’ll go back home. Tan gets angry and says he doesn’t want her going there. His mum grabs her hand and tells him she’s gonna keep her hostage until he returns.

His mum hands Tan his phone and coat and goes to leave, he tells her to look after his girlfriend.

Tan goes to see his brother who lets him stay over.

Tan and Eun-sang talk at school the next day, she tries to convince him to come home. She is taken aback when she offers him food and he bites hers. He tells her he’s decided they are taking things too slowly.

[55:00] A broadcast comes over the school tannoy, it’s Yeong-do saying he wants to tell a story about Tan. Eun-sang runs to the broadcasting room to stop him. Yeong-do gets angry with her for being blinded with love for Tan when its destined to fail.

Episode 14

Tan arrives at the broadcasting room and sees Eun-sang in there. Yeong-do locks the door and grabs hold of Eun-sang

Tan manages to kick the door down and smacks Yeong-do. He grabs Eun-sang and pushes her outside and tells her not to come in.

Tan tells him I said not to mess with Eun-sang. Yeon-do replies that he’ll carry on and get worse until Tan lets her go. Tan tells him he needs to move on in life and stop bullying.

One of the classmates throws a party in which Eun-sang is exposed to having a part time job, she confesses she is poor. Tan follows this up by making a public show of affection for her.

Episode 15

Tan’s brother and Yeong-do’s father get called into the school regarding their constant fighting and being the lowest graded kids in the school. Tan and Yeong-do are worried and come up with an agreement to come out of it with the least impact.

Tan’s brother Won is shocked to hear his brother is the lowest ranked student and for the first time gives him his attention.

Tan, Yeong-do and Eun-sang are put into a team to work on a project together. Eun-sang tells them they better work hard as she doesn’t them affecting her grades. They sit in the coffee shop together to study.

Bodyguards approch them and tell Tan his father has asked them to escort him home immediately. They will have to restrain him if he doesn’t co-operate. Tan leaves warning Yeong-do not to pester her.

When he arrives home there are bodyguards at the door. His father is angry as Rachel’s family has returned all the engagement gifts and finally called it off their side. He asks Tan if this is to do with Eun-sang.

He then tells him from now on he’s grounded to his room, he will not be attending school and his phone is taken from him.

Eun-sang texts Tan to see if he’s ok, his father sees the message.

The following day Yeong-do goes to Tan’s house with lots of bodyguards and requests to see the Chairman (Tan’s father).

He greets the Chairman and tells him Tan and himself are supposed to be working on a school project so he needs to do homework with him as he doesn’t want his grades to be affected. The Chairman apologises to him and allows him to go and see Tan.

Tan asks Yeong-do to help him escape, Yeong-do agrees as he likes the idea of Tan being in his debt. Tan escapes and goes to see his brother. Won is unkind to Tan with his words.

The ultimatum given to Eun-sang from the Chairman is If you break up with Tan today i’ll send you anywhere you want to go. If you can’t break up with him today i’ll give you 15 days, you can spend as much time with Tan as you wish but you’ll then go anywhere I wish to send you.

Episode 16

Tan is shocked to see Eun-sang at his door and grabs her inside. She tells him she managed to sneak past the guards when they were distracted. They hug for a long time, Eun-sang keeps his fathers ultimatum secret from Tan.

For Tan’s 18th birthday his father has made him a majority share holder of his company to stir trouble between both sons, Tan and Won.

Tan uses the power that has been given to him to get out of the house and go to school. He then warns his father off from getting involved in Eun-sang’s life and tells him you’re the one that put a sword in my hand.

[17:50] Entering the classroom Tan drags Eun-sang out to have a strong word with her about doing deals with his father and not telling him.

[34:00] Tan texts Eun-sang to grab her passport and come out of her room, he takes her passport off her and takes her to the store room. He asks her to do everything he says from now on. She nods and he kisses her.

Tan visits his brother who needs his vote at the next shareholders meeting to keep his position. Tan agrees to vote for him if he finds him a place to stay. Won agrees to get him an apartment along with a car and driver.

Won sorts Tan out with all that he promised. Tan meets up with Eun-sang to show her their new home and tells her to get her mum and to move in tommorow. Tan then goes to the shareholders meeting for the voting. As the door closes Eun-sang cries.

Won wins the votes at the shareholders meeting. Tans father asks him how he feels. Then goes onto say that 1 hour ago, the girl he tried to hide left Korea.

Tan runs out and tries to call Eun-sang but her number is no longer in service. He runs home and his mum said the maid left a note saying goodbye. The coffee shop owner tells him Eun-sang quit. Her school locker is empty and she is nowhere to be seen.

Episode 17

Tan is heartbroken, he goes back home and asks his father where she is. His father tells him to stop looking for her or he’ll make her life more miserable.

Yeong-do blames Tan for Eun-sang suddenly leaving, Tan replies that he’s not in the mood to argue he needs to use his own methods to track her down and suggests Yeong-do to do the same.

Tan has his contacts check if she has left Korea, it’s confirmed that she hasn’t. He then checks for credit card transactions for home rentals and after 2 days of calling around manages to find something.

After looking around the coastal town where the transaction occured he suddenly notices her clothes on the washing line of a small house. He sees her, but decides to hang back and watch from afar.

Tan comes back in a few days to speak with her, she is angry to see him there. She asks him to leave as life is too difficult to bare to be together.

Tan apologises for asking him to hold his hand and says goodbye, they walk away heartbroken.

Tan returns home to let his father know he has found Eun-sang but won’t be visiting her again so tells him to leave her alone. His father asks why he’s making such a fuss over a girl, Tan replies that it hurts and his life is a mess.

He goes to his room, his mum is worried but he shrugs her away and locks his door. He loses it and wrecks his room in anger, his mum begs him to open the door and his father is taken aback with his reaction.

Won receives a call to pick Tan up from the police station as he was in an accident from speeding without a license. Tan has no cares and Won can’t get any sense out of him. For the first time he shows concern and goes to talk with their father.

Their father doesn’t understand why he’s becoming so reckless, Won says he thinks he might be having a breakdown and is concerned.

Yeong-do sees Tan coming out of a club completely wasted and causing a fight. Yeong-do has to punch him and fight him to the floor to stop him.

Episode 18

Yeong-do asks Tan is he has a death wish, he replies he can’t do this anymore and cries. Yeong-do walks away upset.

The next morning Tan returns home, the state of him concerns his mum and brother. His dad yells “How long are you going to keep this up for? I’m fed up with you now”. Tan walks past without a care and goes to his room.

Won goes to see him and tells him to get up and he’ll take him to the hospital. Tan tells him to get out and leave him alone. Won shouts at him that it won’t get any better being like this.

Tan asks Won when he can go to the U.S because he thinks he might die. Tan begs Won to help him. Won is disturbed by his brothers appearance.

Eun-sang checks her social media page and there is a message from several days ago. Where are you Eun-sang?, I miss you, along with lots of pictures of her. This upsets her, she decides to delete them all.

Tan checks her social media and sees all her pictures and messages are gone.

Eun-sang returns to Seoul for the day to get some paperwork sorted and to meet with Tan’s father at his demand. She promises to pay back any debts she owes him with her schooling but apologises that she really likes Tan and her feeling won’t change. But since he doesn’t want her seeing Tan, she will stay away.

Tan sees her at the local shop, they stare but then just walk past each other. Tan stops and turns around to see she’s gone. He runs to the bus station and catches her bus and sits next to her without saying a word.

He then keeps his distance walking behind her until she gets home.

She gets in the house and cries, after a few minutes she goes out to look for him but he isn’t there, she runs all the way to the bus stop but no sign of him. She walks home.

Tan is there waiting and asks her why she was looking for him. She tells him not to come closer. He walks forward and embraces her.

Tan says “I can’t let you go, What should we do?”. Eun-sang walks away and goes home.

The next day Tan’s brother visits Eun-sang at the bookstore she works at, to speak with her about Tan being a wreck. He asks her if she misses him.

Eun-sang promises she won’t meet Tan and that she is trying to get over him. Won tells her to think about what she really wants and if she doesn’t have the courage to return to Tan then use the school exam as an excuse.

Eun-sang returns for the exam and sees Tan looking miserable, she joins him. He can’t believe his eyes, she apologises for leaving and tells him she won’t run away again. He grabs her and holds her tight.

After the exam they spend the rest of the day and night together. Tan confesses that he felt like dying when she left and asks her to never abandon him again.

Tan and his mother leave the family home as they can’t stand the way they are treated. Tans’ father insists they will return soon and starts to plan for Tan’s 18th birthday party.

Won tells Tan what their father is planning for his birthday and warns him he’s trying to keep Tan under his thumb as he’s invited Reporters and VIP’s along.

Tan asks Eun-sang to be brave and join him for his party. She agrees.

Episode 19

Tan arrives with Eun-sang, the Reporters show a lot of interest. They walk in the room and his father is shocked to see them walking hand in hand in front of everyone. They stand in front of him and he can’t stop looking at them holding hands.

Tan formally thanks his father for throwing him this party. His Uncles ask who the girl is and Tan introduces her as his girlfriend.

Tan, Eun-sang and his father go to a private room and his father gets angry asking Tan what he was thinking bringing her here. Tan replies he wanted to show her off to everyone and asks his father to approve of their relationship.

His father is in disbelief, after a few moments he tells them if they love each other that much then carry on dating, but this won’t get his approval and they will live to regret their decision.

Tan and Eun-sang go to his mums hotel room to spend his birthday. She is so happy to see them both there.

Tan’s mum asks Eun-sang where she is living as she misses her mother and would like to see her. The next day her and Eun-sang go to her house for the mums to catchup.

Eun-sang meets Won to discuss her living arrangements and Tan sees them and joins them. Won offers her the apartment but she decides she would like to be independant incase her and Tan breakup at any point.

Tan takes over the conversation and tells her to just accept the apartment, they bicker and Tan drags her out leaving Won amused by them both.

Tan goes back to Eun-sang’s house to meet her mother and ask for her approval on their relationship. Her mum uses sign language to apologise and says she doesn’t approve as Eun-sang has been hurt by his family enough.

Tan asks Eun-sang to translate and she says her mother says its fine and she is ok with us holding hands. Her mum goes to hit her for lying and ends up hitting Tan! Eun-sang whispers to him to dramatise it all and he falls to the ground pretending to be really hurt.

Tan rolls around the floor saying he thinks he’ll be ok if you approve. She hits him again as her approval.

Tan’s father collapses at home and is taken to the hospital. Tan’s mother rushes to him and doesn’t leave his side. Tan and Won visit learn that their fathers wife who he’s been seperated for years from is trying to takeover the business.

Whilst their father is in a coma, Tan and Won spend the next couple of weeks flying all over to meet shareholders to get them on their side to fight for their fathers business. All their efforts pay off and they manage to get control.

Their father has brain surgery and wakes up after several days to learn what has happened in his absence. He calls his wife and finally asks her for a divorce.

Tan and Eun-sang visit him, she has bought him some books for him to read and tells him he has to stay healthy so she can pay him back. He finds this quite amusing.

Tan and Eun-sang look back on all they’ve been through to get together and dream of a happier future.


Please note I haven’t mentioned all the characters in this show and my recap is mainly based around the story of the two main characters.

My favourite song from the show;

Changmin – Love is the moment https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YzXLt5GIR8I&feature=youtu.be

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